CESS offers a facility for registration of experiments prior to their start. To view the registry, please login.

Along with other organisations such as the American Economics Association, EGAP, and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). CESS endorses the research registration. Research registration limits the scope for what is often referred to as “fishing”. Accordingly, CESS strongly encourages all researchers conducting experiments at CESS facilities, or under CESS supervision, to submit pre-registration design and analysis plans as part of their application.

CESS is also concerned about the quality and standards associated with pre-registration plans. As a result we also submit these plans for external review. Pre-registration plans are reviewed by a minimum of two experimental social scientists unaffiliated with Nuffield CESS. These reviews are typically completed within about two to three weeks. Pre-registration plan reviews are made available to PIs. We expect all PIs to address any shortcomings reviewers identify in their pre-registration plans. Pre-registration reviews become part of the pre-registration record. They are time stamped as are the revisions adopted by the PIs.

CESS is committed to ensuring the scientific rigor of funded research and of social science publications. Accordingly, pre-registration plans, and their external reviews, will be provided to appropriate third parties such as journal editors and funding agencies