CESS Ethical Review
The mission of the CESS Ethical Review is to protect the welfare and rights of all persons involved in the conducting of research at CESS, including subjects, experimenters, and staff.
Human Subjects Research
CESS is committed to ethical principles such as the respect for persons and maximising benefits while minimizing risk.
Who needs to apply
All research conducted at CESS, using CESS facilities, or members of the CESS subject pools must undergo a CESS Ethical Review. This review is to ensure that the project meets CESS's ethical standards and therefore no alternative ethical reviews may be substituted. Similarly, the CESS ethical review does not take the place of any ethical review requirements by any other body, unless that body has stated so. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that they fulfil all ethical review requirements to which they are bound.
How to apply
To apply for CESS Ethical Review and to run an experiment at CESS, you must first create an account, by clicking here or using the navigation menu at the top. Once you have created an account, you may then use the interface to submit your study for ethical review. We encourage you to review the documents on this website prior to your application so as to ensure your experiment meets CESS's ethical standards prior to submitting. After you've submitted an application, you may use this interface to monitor the review process as well as to submit revisions, changes, and new applications.

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